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TAIYETY, founded by sisters Chrissa and Ereni in 2020, is a Greek-inspired design label seamlessly blending Chrissa Markos' photography with the world of fashion. The brand draws inspiration from various sources, including the Greek countryside, the serene Aegean blue, and expansive urban landscapes. The resulting designs are a harmonious combination of minimalism and edginess, narrating the tales of both the traveler and the places that influence their creations.

Embracing a slow fashion ethos, TAIYETY places a strong emphasis on exceptional quality and the enduring nature of their collections. The designs are intentionally produced in limited numbers, ensuring their timeless appeal and the ability to be cherished and worn for many years. 

TAIYETY encourages a collector's mindset, urging customers to view their pieces as more than just clothing but as pieces of art that can be passed down through generations. Each piece is a unique creation, resembling a work of art. Each scarf  is one of a precious few.