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Best friends since day one, it was inevitable that these two sisters would join creative forces. Chrissa is a photographer and artist, Ereni is a marketing professor, and together they are TAIYETY.  

Originally from the Taygetos mountain region in the Peloponnese, the sisters thought it was only natural to use a variation of the name of the place that formed their earliest Greek memories.

Their ancestral village is Loganikos, and where they spent most summers with their grandparents. There they formed early memories of the scarf as they saw their grandmother and village women wrap it around their hair, tie it on top of their head and gently tuck in long braids at the bottom. Some were vibrant and floral, others muted blues, and when in mourning, they would be black. Their mother would often pull her hair back in colorful bandanas to keep it off her face while cooking or in the yard. As they got older, they too did this and found that the scarf, in all its variations, had become a staple in their daily wardrobe. 

The name TAIYETY is a small tribute to all the village women, their mother and all their beautiful scarves.