The Brand

The Brand

TAIYETY is a Greek inspired design label created by sisters Chrissa and Ereni. An artistic fusion of Chrissa Markos photography and fashion, the brand draws inspiration from the Greek countryside, the majestic Aegean blue and vast urban scapes. Designs are minimal and edgy telling the story of the traveler and the place.

TAIYETY follows a slow fashion approach focusing on the quality and longevity of their scarfs. Created in very limited numbers, TAIYETY collections are timeless, meant to be worn for many years. Wear them, collect them and pass them on to the next generation as you would a piece of art.



Our scarves are handcrafted using the finest fabrics, while ensuring the highest standards of quality and ethical manufacturing. We work with small family run mills in Nepal carrying the Chyangra Pashmina (CP) collective trademark. This guarantees that our cashmere products are made from the luxurious inner wool of the native Himalayan mountain goats. Fibers are gathered during the Spring months after natural shedding so the animals are not harmed during the process, and new layers of wool grow again in the winter that follows. 

"Chyangra Pashmina is internationally recognized as cashmere of the highest grade. It is the world’s most revered luxury fiber, sourced from the native Himalayan mountain goats called “Chyangra” (capra hircus laniger) in Nepal. The Chyangra goats are raised in the isolated Himalayas, at heights of over three thousand meters above sea level." -CP