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The Artist

The Artist

Chrissa is the photographer artist behind the TAIYETY label. Deeply influenced by Greek culture, modernist cinema and Eastern philosophy, she creates dreamy and evocative images that leave a lingering impression.

Chrissa always loved fashion, and exploring ways to print her photography on fabric is a favorite pastime. Early attempts include ironing prints onto t-shirts and experimenting with elements like zippers and buttons. The idea of wearable art lingered, and eventually led her to discover that fine materials like cashmere offer an ideal canvas for printing her photographic expressions. 

In curating images for TAIYETY, Chrissa selects captivating scenes from her travels characterized by intricate textures and details. Ranging from vibrant hues to monochromatic tones, each scarf reveals a fragment of her personal narrative, collectively weaving a visual tale.

Visit website Chrissa Markos  and IG @chrissamarkosphotography



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